UK Government lost their way with Immigration rules

UK Government lost their way with Immigration rules

A loud raspberry was blown by one group of people at David Cameron’s pro-family speech last week – not because they disagreed with his sentiments; quite the opposite, in fact. They are the fiancées and spouses of foreign nationals with whom they want to settle in the UK, often together with their children, but whose yearning for a family life is being thwarted by the zealous application of tough new visa restrictions.

The Prime Minister has decreed that every department will in future be required to apply a “family test” to their policies because the way hundreds of foreign criminals earmarked for deportation by the courts have been able to stay in the country by invoking their right to a family life under the European Convention on Human Rights.

We know of many couples who have been battling away since February, with the first 12 weeks taken up with health checks for TB, which proved negative, followed by demands for  proficiency in English – despite demonstrating their command of the language by successfully completing the umpteen forms she has had to fill in.

I have been a Conservative voter all my life but I have to say: ‘What price loyalty?’ They have definitely lost my vote. And this is the country that Rychyl is supposed to settle down in and love?” The couple have had to cancel flights, move the date of their wedding twice and have become increasingly disenchanted with state bureaucracy and politicians seeking plaudits for extolling the virtues of family life.

So what has gone wrong? An immigration policy that should encourage into the country the people we do want and keep out those we don’t produces almost the opposite result. We give a home to foreign criminals who should be removed and open the door to returning jihadis who hate this country, while at the same time making life hell for British citizens who want to do nothing more threatening than settle down with their wives and children.

Partly, this is a consequence of the ambition to reduce net immigration to the “tens of thousands”. This was never the answer, since you could achieve low net figures by having one million foreign nationals coming in and 995,000 Britons leaving. How would that help matters? Moreover, the free movement of people within the European Union means we have absolutely no control over the entry of EU nationals whoever they may be, so we counteract that by targeting British subjects wanting to bring in non-EU spouses. If the aim is to stop particular ethnic or national groups using this as a route into the country for extended families, then why not deal with the specific issue rather than adopt a catch-all approach simply to avoid being accused of discrimination?

Since the new rules were introduced in July 2012, thousands of British citizens have been left distressed by the difficulties they have faced to set up home with their loved ones. Applicants have to pass the onerous financial test that requires British spouses to prove savings of more than £60,000 or a disposable annual income of £18,600 if they want to sponsor a foreign spouse. This rises to £22,400 for families with a child and a further £2,400 for each further child. These provisions exclude up to 47 per cent of Britain’s working population. A cross-party committee of MPs and peers has twice called for a review of the financial rules, but the Home Office says they are a fair way of tackling abuse of the system, even if critics suspect politicians of turning a blind eye to the hardship they are causing for fear of being seen as soft on immigration.

Of course voters want governments to respond to concerns about immigration; but that does not mean they want any old policy cobbled together just to garner a headline or two. They want one founded on common sense and basic justice. It is, for instance, patently unfair that other EU citizens are free to come and live in the UK with spouses from outside the EU yet British citizens do not enjoy the same rights. By the Government’s own estimate, some 18,000 British people will be prevented from being reunited with their spouse or partner every year as a result of the new rules. The process is causing heartache for decent people seeking the family life that Mr Cameron wants to place at the center of all policy-making.

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Top 7 UK Cities That Thai Foreigners Choose To Live In

Top 7 UK Cities That Thai Foreigners Choose To Live In


If you plan to live in another country, there may several factors that you need to get accustomed to. Living in a foreign location requires you to make major adjustments to your lifestyle, which you were once used to.  However, choosing the right location might help alleviate the tension of this new change and allow you to make that transition a little smoother. Are you a Thai national who is planning to live in UK? This article lists out 7 of the most popular UK cities that many other Thais choose to live in: Continue Reading →

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How many UK tourist visas can my Thai girlfriend have?

How many UK tourist visas can my Thai girlfriend have is a very common question asked by our clients on a daily basis especially the clients who like to spend time in Thailand and the UK on a rotational basis and do not require their Thai girlfriend to live and settle in the UK.

Most UK sponsors also do not want to be forced in to marriage with their Thai girlfriend just for the sake of getting a visa as this is not the correct way to go and is unethical so what is the law? there isn’t one but there is a unwritten law which is kept as a secret by the visa clearing officers at the British Embassy Bangkok.

The attitude of the clearing officers in Bangkok is that UK Tourist visas are exactly what they say they are they are in place so your Thai girlfriend can visit the UK meet your family and friends and do some sight seeing and then return back to Thailand, what they are not designed for is living in the UK with you as the UK boyfriend/ sponsor which in a way is sensible when you think 6 months is a long time to spend on holiday in the UK when you take into consideration many Countries including Australia will normally only offer a 3 month tourist visa.

So the realistic way to treat a UK tourist visa is always wait 6 months from the day your Thai girlfriend returns to Thailand before applying for another visa or face a rejection. Many expats living in Thailand with their Thai girlfriend will spend 6 months in the UK and 6 months back in Thailand so only applying for one visa per year, 6 months in and 6 months out and if you get a pattern forming the British Embassy visa officers will allow this to continue for many years but never buck the system and try to apply to early. Get some good Immigration history in your Thai girlfriends passport and in should flow very easy in the future.

So remember the unwritten rule 6 months in and 6 months out.

Uk Thai Visa

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Beautiful Cathedrals And Churches In UK That Thais Love To Visit

Beautiful Cathedrals And Churches In UK That Thais Love To Visit


The largest of cathedrals and churches in the UK always attract visitors such as Thais like tourism magnets throughout the year. They especially resonate with added charm and meaning during the festive seasons of the year, for instance, the Christmas period. Attending a traditional Christmas service in any of the many beautiful churches and cathedrals in the UK will be an experience any Thai tourist won’t forget anytime soon. Continue Reading →

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Home Office wins judgment on minimum income threshold

Home Office wins judgment on minimum income threshold

The Home Office welcomes a Court of Appeal judgment, upholding the lawfulness of the income threshold under the new family migration rules.

The minimum income threshold for British citizens to sponsor a non-EEA spouse or partner or child to come and live in the UK was introduced in July 2012. It aims to ensure that family migrants do not become reliant on the taxpayer for financial support and are able to integrate effectively which also should be achieved by the British sponsors wife to be able to work legally to increase their yearly income.

The minimum income threshold was set, following advice from the independent Migration Advisory Committee, at £18,600 for sponsoring a spouse or partner, rising to £22,400 for also sponsoring a child and an additional £2,400 for each further child. which in most peoples case was above the County average and certainly affects those living in the North of the UK,

Family life must not be established in the UK at the taxpayer’s expense

Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire said:

I am delighted that the Court of Appeal has comprehensively upheld the lawfulness of this important policy.

We welcome those who wish to make a life in the UK with their family, work hard and make a contribution, but family life must not be established in the UK at the taxpayer’s expense and family migrants must be able to integrate.

The minimum income threshold to sponsor family migrants is delivering these objectives and this judgment recognizes the important public interest it serves.

Today’s judgment overturns an earlier High Court judgment from July 2013, which was supportive of the approach but found that the impact of the minimum income threshold on family life could be disproportionate.

Applications on hold will now receive a decision

The judgment will mean that, from the 28 July, the 4,000 individuals whose applications are currently on hold, pending this judgment, will now receive a decision. These are cases which met all the requirements apart from the minimum income threshold and now stand to be refused.

This is the saddest news received in my working career and feel that the decision makers should be held accountable for splitting 4000 families including Children who already have a UK passport and not including any Human rights or deviations, the new rules have come as a shock as we all felt that they would be made easier or taken away but again the lapdogs have backed their own people at other peoples expense, we will continue to ponder this ruling for years to come as the flood gates to the EU are still open and illegal Immigrants. And they have the cheek to state it is to save tax payers money!!!!!!!!!

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Settlement visas to the UK delays

Unfortunately settlement visas for your Thai wife or Thai fiancee to go and live in the UK the waiting times have gone back to roughly about 3 months, previously we had a window of about 3 weeks were settlement visas for the UK were being given in 3-4 days and all of a sudden it has gone back to the normal waiting times.

A UK Settlement visa means that your Thai legal wife or future Thai fiancee is going to live with you in the UK for the rest of their lives and live with you as your legal partner.

This visa allows your Thai wife to work legally and obtain a National Insurance number and get free medical treatment so for the future it will make a huge difference to your lives together as being split apart with your in the UK and your Thai wife in Thailand can put strain on anybody’s relationship.

There are alot of benefits also including the Thai nationals English ability will go from strength to strength due to being surrounded with the English language and not Thai so your Thai wife or Thai fiancee living in the UK is a huge bonus to you both and especially if you are planning on having a family together.

Uk Thai Visa

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Top UK Scenic Views That Your Thai Girlfriend Would Love

Top UK Scenic Views That Your Thai Girlfriend Would Love


England boasts of some of the most beautiful and interesting landscapes and that can’t be found elsewhere in the world. So whether you are searching for romantic parks, idyllic peaceful backwater, rugged wilderness, the UK appears to have them all. Here are some of the best and most beautiful scenic sites to tour in the UK with your Thai girlfriend. Continue Reading →

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Holiday visa for Thai to the UK

Holiday visa to the UK for a Thai National can be a tiring and difficult process if you are not experienced in the procedure or the documents needed to satisfy the British Embassy Visa officer.

So what are they looking for? Answer= how long is a piece of string they have their own set of rules that only an experienced visa consultant would know, OK it can be achieved on your own but only if you are very lucky as Migration to England is getting far more difficult.

They start by looking at the visa sponsor which is the British Citizen, boyfriend, husband to see if he can finance the holiday with bank statements, employment and earnings and also secure accommodation for his Thai partner, Thai girlfriend or Thai wife to stay so getting these documents in place correctly is a must and never supply overdrawn bank statements

They look at the Thai applicant, do they have a good financial standing, do they have a job, do they have a reason to return if not then how are you going to show someone who has nothing to return to will definitely return? a visa consultant would know, so all the documents she has with regards to finances must be shown, job, home, vehicles, savings, land in Thailand etc.

Relationship is very important knowing the documents that must be shown and how much to show is paramount as a genuine honest and loving relationship is important so telephone bills, e-mails, photographs, chat records, money transfers, visa stamps, trips around Asia, photos with the family are all important when applying for a visa.

The reason for the relationship documents is they wish to ascertain you know your Thai partner and they know the UK sponsor enough to feel satisfied that the relationship is responsible enough for your Thai partner to return to Thailand.

Many reasons as well as the above can lead to a refusal, spelling mistakes, wrong translations, online application done in correctly, saying the wrong things, lack of documents, photos not suitable, finances not correct, presentation unprofessional, sponsors letter written incorrectly.

The above are just a small number of reasons why using the best visa company in Thailand Key Visa Thailand will save you money and heartache, would you want to put a price on your Thai partners happiness? “NO” so consider using Key Visa e-mail

thai spouse for UK

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Millie – Experiences in Thailand

Hi, my name is Millie. I turned 15 in May. I have been living Thailand for a year now, but I’ve been visiting the country since I was 3 weeks old.My hobbies consist of: playing guitar, singing, making YouTube videos, making people laugh and listening to music. I am half Thai and can speak a little Thai although my reading and writing is better than my speaking.

My friends and I met the first ever Thai Astronaut!I was born in England, then a few months later we had to move to Paris, due to my dad’s job. He’s a stock broker, but now he works at home.Before I had properly moved to Thailand I was at a boarding school in the north of Scotland, whilst my parents lived in the South of France. The reason we made a decision to move back to Thailand was because, there was an awkward stage where my dad lived in France, my mum here in Thailand and I was in Scotland. Now we feel much happier living together!

Continue Reading →

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What Are England’s Chances In 2014 FIFA World Cup?

What Are England’s Chances In 2014 FIFA World Cup?


english soccer fansThe 12th of June is fast approaching, and if you are a soccer fan, then you probably know why you should really anticipate that date. The 2014 FIFA World Cup, which is the 20th FIFA World Cup, would be held from June 12 to July 13, 2014. Spain is the current defending champion after it defeated Netherlands in 2010. For this upcoming World Cup, 32 countries would be given the chance to bring home the Bacon Continue Reading →

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